To make a reservation we require a minimum of 100% of the total payment. Without this, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation at any time without penalty. At this point, your booking will be ‘pre-booking’ status. Once you have made full payment for your reservation and registered your card with our secure deposit software – Swikly – your booking will have a ‘confirmed’ status. Once your booking is confirmed you will receive check-in details 1 day before arrival at 10 pm UK time. We accept no liability for people who arrive before your reservation has been confirmed. All major debit/credit cards and bank transfers are accepted forms of payment. Please note that a reservation remains provisional until 100% of the full payment has been received.

We use the Swikly secure online service that allows you to enter your details for your deposit online, without impacting your bank limit. This means NO money will actually be taken from your account. When making the registration Swikly will ask for a pre-authorization of 1€, this will not be charged to your account but is like a hold. We would like to inform you that the value requested for the deposit will be displayed in Euro instead of Pound (which is showing in the channel you booked). This is due to a limitation of the channel, which currently does not allow the option for displaying the deposit value in euros. This is just a registration.

After the check-out time ONLY if we encounter damages to the property of higher value or any misconduct from your side happening during the stay, we will contact you either by phone or on channel chat to inform you why we would like to charge and show proof.


We operate a strict NO SMOKING POLICY, this includes any kind of smoking or vaping and reserve the right to levy a £150.00 charge for deep cleaning charge and possible compensation for the next guests in the event of you smoking in the apartment or building.


Should your apartment be double booked or unavailable for any reason our liability is limited to the payment received for the accommodation booked with us.  This liability does not extend to travel commitments or other costs. We will try our best to accommodate you in one of our other properties.


If you cancel your reservation more than 30 days from your arrival we charge 0% of the total price, 100% if you cancel within 30 days of your arrival date.

If we suspect that you are involved in illegal activities including drug trafficking or prostitution then we reserve the right to cancel your booking and authorities will be asked to attend.


Alterations may be accepted at the discretion of management.


Extensions will require a new reservation for the additional date(s), subject to availability and are subject to a possible rate change.


You are required to notify us at least 48 hours in advance of your intention to extend your booking. Unauthorised extensions will result in a charge of the night rate plus the cost of relocating the guest(s) who can no longer stay at the property due to the unauthorised extension to cover the inconvenience and disruption to us and other clients/guests in addition to any other expenses (Including relocating other clients/guests) caused as a result.

If no other guests are booked we will charge the night rate plus £50 for breaking the rules.


We have made every reasonable effort to ensure the freshness, quality and value of your accommodation. In the event of a complaint, guests may contact us during their stay at the accommodation and we will do our utmost to assist you.


We have fixed and variable refund policies based on various circumstances. Our refund policy includes that we cannot offer any refund outside of the cancellation policies.


We reserve the right to charge your booking card for unauthorised late check out′s at the rate of £50 per hour. This includes storing luggage in the room past the check-out time 11 am.


Much of the accommodation information provided on sales agents’ websites is provided by us but is subject to adjustment by the agency. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that all information provided online, by telephone and by email is accurate, we cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions it may inadvertently contain


Guests confirm that none of our properties are their principal place of residence and that guests are checking in and staying on a nightly basis. Only persons notified to us prior to arrival may occupy the apartment. The number of persons permitted to occupy the apartment is limited to the number of beds available and this limit may not be exceeded


It is expected that the apartments are left in a clean and tidy order. Guests are responsible for any damage to the apartment and its contents during their stay which has occurred due to negligence. Any damage must be reported to us without delay. Any lost property will be held for 14 days and if it is not claimed it will be donated to a local charity. You will be held responsible for the keys to the apartment at a variable price depending on number of the keys on the set if lost or damaged. Furthermore, we reserve the right to charge guests who cause disturbance to other guests, neighbours, passers-by and tenants; we reserve the right to charge a fee depending on the situation and are limited to your security deposit which we will charge using your debit/ credit card details provided to us prior to your arrival to the apartment through Swikly.


  1. A) A £500 fine is charged to guests who tamper with any fire alarm devices or extinguishers. You are placing yourself and other guests in danger. Should the fire alarm sound, leave your accommodation immediately and follow the fire procedure displayed in and around the building.

  2. B) Any callouts will be handled by the company as soon as possible. If guests lose keys they will be held liable for this and will accrue a fee. Maintenance staff are only available outside of 11H00–19H00 Mon–Sun for high–level emergencies (ie: leaking roof; fire; blocked drains/toilet which could result in a leak/flood; no heat or hot water; non–working stove). If guests check–in between 24H00 and 7H00 and find that the heat, hot water or stove is not working, they must inform maintenance as soon as possible. and will be attended to as soon as possible. Nonemergency requests will be attended to within 24 hours.



The use of the property and its equipment is entirely at the guest’s risk and we accept no responsibility for injury, accident, damage or loss to person or property relating to the guest or any of his or her party during their stay. This includes any ladders and stairs within the property. Guests should ensure that they are adequately insured.


Check-in information will be sent to you 1 day before your arrival once you have paid in full and registered your details with Swikly. If you do so after 1 day before arrival we will still send you check-in details although this may be delayed so we advise you to call us if you have still not received any details. We are available for you if you require assistance during your check-in.


We reserve the right to charge individual guests or lead guests for the cost of rectifying damage which has been caused by the deliberate, negligent or reckless acts of guests to the property, contents or structure. If such damage is discovered during the stay it will be drawn to the guest’s attention but if discovered after guests have departed then we reserve the right to make a charge to the guest’s credit/debit card. If the payment fails, we will try a second method of collecting payment. If both methods fail and you are still staying at the apartment we reserve the right to evict you from the property and change the locks. If both methods fail and you are no longer staying at the apartment we will try a third method of collecting payment.


Check-in information – which is necessary to gain access to the property – will be sent out to the email address you provided to us via an automated email at 10 pm one day before arrival. We accept no liability if you fail to take note of such details and fail to forward this information to other guests. We are available via our mobile number +44 333 335 5658 – 8 am until 11 pm, 7 days per week to answer any questions you have and resolve any problems as quickly as possible. If we are unreachable for any reason on this number then please dial our number and leave us an automated voicemail service.


When you make your booking there will be an additional fee – clearly stated or integrated into the booking total – which will cover the costs of a final cleaning and laundry fees for the total number of people specified to stay at the apartment, this is a clean at your check-out. You will be expected to leave the apartment in a reasonable condition including washing and drying all dishes(cutlery, crockery, glasses, pots, and pans) and gather together all trash in the bin in the kitchen.

  1. A) If our cleaning staff consider the apartment as being exceptionally messy or dirty then you will be charged a £50 additional cleaning fee which we reserve the right to charge from your credit/ debit card.

  2. B) If any linen, bedding, towels, curtains or other fabrics within the apartment are stained, burned or heavily discolored and cannot easily be washed back to good condition then we will charge you in full for such replacements. We reserve the right to charge from your credit/ debit card.