Respecting Your Time

Our Survey In Edinburgh Shows 8 out of 10 Agencies and Independent Operators spending too much time in their business.

This can be significantly reduced with the help of our mySTAYINN EXPERT SYSTEMS & SOLUTIONS

Who We Are

mySTAYINN is a professional property management firm that specialises in short-term rental properties. Our goal is to make your property a profitable and sustainable investment by handling all aspects of management, including cleaning, maintenance, bookings, advertising, and more.

What We Do

Pricing Management

We use the best pricing software in Europe but this isn’t enough by itself to effectively price your listings. To achieve the optimal rates we need to invest a lot of our pricing specialist’s time and local knowledge.

We offer a comprehensive pricing system that combines technology and human expertise to generate a minimum of 10-14.9% extra revenue for our clients.

Channel Manager

We list your property on more than 20 platforms to reach a larger audience of potential guests.

Our channel manager service offers a bespoke system that provides various features and benefits, including:

  1. Two unified calendars for easy viewing of listing availability and revenue.
  2. User-friendly system with responsive support.
  3. Connection to 65 different channels to reach a larger audience of potential guests.
  4. Synchronised listings that update across other main channels when changes are made to the picture, description, or amenity on our system.
  5. Automatic listing generation. This means that, once you have fully completed your listing’s profile on our system, you can create new listings on our main partner channels at the click of a button.
  6. Professional website configuration. We can sync your listings to your website with a fast and stable API connection.
  7. Staff management with the ability to set up as many users and suppliers as needed for increased flexibility.

Interactive Guide Books

One of the most effective tools we use to improve guest satisfaction, reduce complaints, and improve the customer experience.

Our Interactive Guide Books offer a comprehensive solution that goes beyond simple picture and text instructions for operating features in your property. By incorporating videos, Google Map directions, local recommendations, check-in instructions, and more, we greatly reduce the need for guest communication, potentially saving you up to 80% your time.

Complimentary Access to Automatic Messages

Offers a highly flexible and professional messaging software that is both user-friendly and customizable. With the capability to send messages to a guest’s email address and/or mobile number, our messaging software is easily adaptable to suit your specific needs.

We can even send messages to a guest’s email address AND/or mobile number.
- Cleaning & Laundry*
- Maintenance*
* Extra cost applicable
Everything else included from just 6%

Our Use of Technology

  • We use some of the best technology in Europe.
  • We regularly update our systems without any interruption on your side.

What We Offer

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Proven Results

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Other Reasons to Join Us

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